Friday, April 10, 2009

TGIF, and in 3 weeks it will be "Aloha"!

And in 22 days we sail from Honolulu!

My week on call is over, meaning I can get back to a normal life. Two pages the whole week which is good, but it's a relief knowing I dont have to carry the company crackberry with me everywhere, and means I can get a decent ride in, finally.

Last week was a bust. Saturday was clear, but cool and windy. I spent most of the day in garden centers. No ride. Sunday, the weather was better, and I did get in a decent ride, but still not what I wanted or needed. Since I was on call, I had to keep it close to home.

The weather this week has been up and down. Cold and rain/snow mix on Mon and Tue, sunny but cool and windy on Wed and Thur. Today is forecated to be wet and cool.

But, we are forecasted to have a sunny weekend. although temps will still be a bit below normal. Hoepfully I can out for a decent ride tomorrow afteroon. I've got a lot on plate, so I will have to make time.

I had originally planned on racing the Deer Creek Road Race tomorrow. When I entered I was afraid Saturday was going to be a bad day to race, and that's exaclty the way it's turning out to be.

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