Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of year ride. This year’s mileage- 4497

Got the single speed out for a cold ride. 23, breezy, with flurries. The coldest I’ve ridden in for many years. It was fun once I got the initial chill out of the way.

I came home and added up my miles for the year- 4497!

More than I expected, but why didnt I add them up sooner so I could make the 4500 mark!

I think I will start celebrating the new year by shaving my hairy legs.

I have a 12 pack of PBR that has been well chilled on the back porch that is now calling my name

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally got out on the road

Yesterday, I finally had a decent day (where I had the time) to get out for a ride. It was in the upper 40's, and breezy. It sounds like today will be another decent day, with temps about the same. I should be able to get out more this week, but it will be colder. Back to more seasonal temps.

The holdiays are over, and most of the stress is behind me. Now I need to get my diet back in order, and started getting off the winter pounds (racing season will start too soon). On a positive, no Crohn's flareup during the holiday, unlike last year when I was in misery. That means I should get off to a better start.

I did get the Draft out yesterday. I switched out the saddle and post, replacing the stock (and overweight) velo saddle with the Fizik Arionne. I should have made more accurate saddle height adjustments since I did not have the perfect fit. The bike is definelty heavier, but still lighter than I expected. Other improvements are needed, which will probably start with a new wheelset so I can get rid of the 700x28's. The thing that impressed me most is the very thing that ss/fs has appealed to me..the simplicity!

I might flip the wheel and give the fixed gear a try today. Should be interesting!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It was a good Christmas

A nice day at home..the stress is over.

I got a new ride. My last new bike for Christmas was 1968.

I’ve had a desire to get a single speed/fixed speed. David picked up on that and got me a SE Draft Light. Not a top line, and I know it’s gotten some bad raps, but the price was right. And it is a 2009 model which appears to be a big step above the previous year’s models.

Still some upgrading to do, especially with the seat and pedals.



Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally a road ride!

I finally got out of the pain den (aka the basement) for a road ride today. 35 degrees, and breezy. Only 45 minutes cut short by flurries, but it was still great!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hook em Horns

Enjoying a Shiner Cheer!


Weekend is almost here, and despite a very cold start, we may actually have a decent weekend with normal temps and some sun. We can ony hope...I need a road ride really bad!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Discovery Channel's STORMCHASERS

Great stuff.


Today's ride

Today's ride:
Intervals on Trainer
Zones 3-4
Weight 180

Weather outside: Rain/snow, 33

We may actually see sun and highs in the 40's this weekend!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today's ride

Today's ride:
Intervals on Trainer
Zones 3-4
Weight 180

Weather outside: Rain, upper 40's.

Suffering from a bit of a Crohn's flareup

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's ride

Today's ride:
Intervals on Trainer
Zones 3-4
Weight 180

Weather outside: PC, 20 degrees, 2+ inches of snow on ground

Friday, December 5, 2008

Had to shave

It's been two weeks, and I couldn't stand the stuble

Instead of getting on the trainer and riding as I should have, I came home and started decorating for Xmas.

Weekend calls for it to be cold and snowy.

Is it spring yet?


Usually by this time of the year, I've had at least one really bad cold, and with the weather we've had, and the way I've been out in it, I would have expected more.

FRS has been part of my routine for sometime, but the past two months it's been an every day thing, maybe even twice a day. I've always felt it gave me a needed boost in the morning and/or before my ride. Earlier this week, I felt I had a cold coming on, with a mild sore throat. I made sure I continued to take my twice daily FRS.
The cold never got me down, and I now feel 100%
This stiff kicks ass!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Watch the weight!

Sounds like we will be going into an extended cold spell

Cloudy, upper 20's, breezy. Suffering from sinus headache

Today's ride:
Intervals on Trainer
Zones 3-4
Weight 180

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What happened?

Today was forecasted to by sunny and in the upper 40's. Instead it was cloudy by noon, and in the low 40's, with sprinkles. Now we are supposed to go into a cold and wet period again.

Today's ride:
Intervals on Trainer
Zones 3-4
Weight 179

Reasons to date a cyclist

  • That bulge isn't just the chamois.
  • Balls of steel.
  • We can go for hours and hours even when it hurts.
  • We know how to take it easy.
  • We know not to go real hard right from the beggining.
  • Smoother legs than you.
  • Skin tight lycra is real easy to take off.
  • Can you say perfectly sculpted legs?
  • Better power-to-weight ratio than a small car.
  • We don't need booths to get our amazing tan lines.
  • Perfect ass.
  • Diamond cut calves.
  • Incredible thigh definition.
  • Who else can perform for over 5 hours a day for 20 consecutive days?
  • When it gets hard, we find a rhythym and pound away.
  • We go hard and push until it gets even harder.
  • Some days we feel the need to attack, explore, and adventure.
  • We know that everything needs to be properly lubricated
  • Even when we're about to explode, we can always hang on a little bit longer.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today's ride:

Intervals on Trainer
Zones 3-4
Weight 178
Outside: 28, windy, flurries

Tomorrow's forecast- pc, and upper 40's. Then back to the cold and snow :-(

Monday, December 1, 2008

Time to Get Serious

Thanksgiving is behind us. Now is the time to get serious with my training.

Can I have some decent weather???
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You know your a cyclist if.....

...You have more hair on your face than you do on your legs. (unless your a girl)
...You put more money in your bike than you do your car.
...People who don't ride think your crazy. think people who don't ride are crazy. know your a cyclist when....the sound of a freewheels makes you turn your head faster than when a ferrari revs its engine." know who greg lemond is. find yourself constantly saying "i'd rather be on my bike"
...when you walk close behind people you feel like your drafting off of them.
...You never underestamate the power of wind
...You feel more comforatble in cycling shorts than regular clothes.
...The tour de france is more than a sporting event. Its a sacred ceremony.
...You like to boast about your leg muscles.
...Yellow is your favorite color
...You have amazing tan...lines.
...Peolpe ask you if its scary being clipped in.
...You ask people if its scary being unclipped
...When you throw together a simulated tri on a whim "for the fun of it".
...When gu is your meal of choice.
...When a "great weekend" consists of an 80 mile bike ride followed by a 2 mile brick run, only to be followed up on Sunday with a 16 mile run.
...When driving down the Interstate and you cross over a bridge, you look at the water and think, "I could swim that!".
...when you can remember your exact splits, distances, and sets from your last swim workout by memory, but you can't remember where you put your car keys/cell phone/first born, etc.
...You have to make a conscious effort not to blow snot rockets when going about normal daily life.
...Your friends ask you if you even own 'normal' clothes because all you wear is athletic gear
...When you discover a neighbor/coworker/relative/etc. has a roadbike so you want to talk their ear off for an hour or so spend 4 hours in the car traveling to a 45 minute criterium. have more facial hair than leg hair. spend $10,000 on a custom bike and $50 on gas to get to work. bike 20 miles a day and drive 5 miles.
...the bike store asks "what's the damage this time?" when you walk in.
...the bike store insists on helping fix any problem on your bike.
...your family rides.
...your kid has just as good of a bike as yourself.
...your kid has a better bike than you and wants and even better one. spend July with the indoor trainer in front of the TV. on the the bike all the time and when your friends ask you what have you been doing and all you can say is biking. polish the spokes of your bike before a race. actually know you Eddy Merckx is. know who Greg Lemond beat by 8 seconds. confuse the grocery money with bike part money.
...You just flat out love cycling!