Friday, March 27, 2009


Hard to believe March is almost over. All is good though. Winter is winding down, and each day is one day closer to the Cruise!

At least we have had a nice warm-up. Hopefully that will continue. But there is the old myth about three snows after the forsythia’s bloom. Not sure if it is a myth actually. It happened last year. We did salvage two good days this week, so far. Today sounds rideable, as well as tomorrow morning (or at least at this point, sound likes tomorrow afternoon the storms come in). Sunday's forecast is rain and snow mix. Back to the forsythia’s!

I've been planning our excursions for the Hawaii trip. So far, the only confirmed outing, for myself, will be a ride on Maui. I thought about renting a bike and doing it on my own. But it was recommended that I check with Go Cycling Maui. I emailed to see if the Haleakala ride would be doable.

Time restraints have been a consideration. Our ship docks at Maui at 8AM on Tuesday and leaves at 6PM on Wed (bound for Kauai). I've got to consider the time needed to get in a decent ride and still do the tourist and family things. For me the ride up to Haleakala would be the epic ride, I also realize that time was a factor here.

Donnie said the ride up Haleakala would be tough make work coming from the cruise ship. He said he has tried that a few times with others and it was so tight on time that it was a hassle. He recommended an out and back on the West Maui mountains. It sounds great as well so that will be the ride I will go with. It's not Haleakala, but then again, I'm somewhat of a flatlander. I probably wouldn’t have been ready for it.

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