Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Made it... I'm a Strava Ambassador

"Is this a Strava Segment?" #shitcyclistssay

So, do you Strava?

My first introduction to Strava was almost two years ago. I was in the market for a GPS device, and my google search lead me to the Strava site. I found the Garmin Edge for 150.00, which even today, would be a great price.

Since then I have logged 494 rides for over 14,100 miles. Strava is a continued "work in progress" that is only getting better.

What do I like:

1) segments. This allows tracking your performance on segments against others, a virtual competition with others. This can help turn any ride into an interval training session as you hit various segments. Recently added was the ability so search and explore segments making it possible for you to find routes and segments that you could challenge yourself against.

2) the social-networking component. I find it interesting to see what types of rides other people in my area are doing, and to see who's riding my routes and segments, and allows me to find other ride routes.

3) Iphone and android apps for those who prefer something not bar mounted, and it allows you to save your ride and upload it when the ride is completed.

4) like having my training and workout information online, so I can access it from multiple locations and devices.

5) provides motivation to ride. Making something public motivates you not to be a slacker.

I do feel the club/team aspect is underutilized. I think this aspect has lots of potential and something I really want to push and get more interest in.

Yes, I use Garmin connect. Only because I am able to get reporting from their site.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!

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