Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 2- Paleo Diet

Decided it was time to make a change, besides, I need to be Speedo ready for our cruise next month. NOT!

I started the year hovering at around 180. I never got over 170 last winter, so I came in having some major overhauling to do. The holiday was hectic, lots of overtime, and lots of excuses to not ride when I got home, knowing I was going to be back in the office in about 10 hours.

A few years ago (well, 10 years ago) I weight 150. Thats down from 250 when I started riding in 1987. Despite being 150, I always carried that spare tire. Now its time to see if I get deflate it, and decided to start with the Paleo Diet.

Giving up whole grains and dairy products is going to be tough, and day one without sugar was tough. I was never really hunger, just in need of a snack. Thats where almonds become a godsend!

Last night was a light dinner, but it was healthy. I was also wondering if I was going to be able to stick to the plan. I started feeling a little sick to the stomach and was really worn down. One problem I had yesterday was I cut back to much on carbs. Gotta change that. Had a apple before bed, I was good.

I was up at 415AM to hit the trainer before work. One hour session of Sufferfest-HHNF. I mean, Sufferfest will have you crying for mercy on a good day. I was ready to collapse after this session!

After a couple of eggs and a banana I felt a lot better. So far today.. no hunger pains, and actaully, overall, feeling much better!

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Jez Andrews said...

Ah, Sufferfest. Nothing like a bit of self inflicted pain for the morning. My session is due tomorrow...and I'm strangely looking forward to it!