Friday, March 26, 2010

Murphys Law of Cycling

    The minute you buy a new bike you will find it on special somewhere else the next day.

    As soon as you tell yourself you are improving some old guy on a lead bike with down tube shifters will pass you like you were standing still

    The days you are feeling great your mates just want a recovery ride on beach rd

    The days you are feeling crap your mates want to do 1 in 20 repeats.
    You will always find a jersey or something hanging around just after the wash has finished.

    You will fall flat on your face walking in cleats one day (i personally save it for out the front of the racer cafe)

    You always get the email with the discount code for PBK or Wiggle just after you have hit checkout on your order

    The more expensive the acessory the more chance it has of being dropped, lost or sat on the first day you get it (e.g Jawbones left on the roof of the car that were 12 hrs old)

    You will put your bike on the roof of the car, you will remember not to go in or out of the garage, but you will get to where you are going and then visualise the front wheel you have left sitting in the garage

    You will drive into your garage with your bike on your roofrack at some stage in your life.  Guaranteed.

    When you go into a bikeshop with intentions to buy some handlebar tape you’ll come out at least $300 poorer every time.
    You will always be home from a ride 30mins later than you told your wife.  ("I had a flat")
    When building a bike from parts you bought over the internet there will always be a piece that doesn’t fit.

    The day you have an unplanned epic wet, windy, cold ride you’ll have big social engagement that evening.

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