Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to reality. Counting the days to Hawaii

We had a great time in Vegas. The losses (or at least mine) were minimal. I need to save the money for the trip to Hawaii in May.

The weather was great so we more of the tourist things this time. Except for Hoover Dam. Already seen the dam dam.

At least when we got back to Ohio we had decent weather, and I've been able to get in some decent miles. But it is Ohio, so you know that it wont last. Today in the lower 70's, tomorrow in the mid 40's. Guess I need to remember that a few weeks ago I was looking forward to the day when we would reach the mid 40's.

Now is the time to start planning my races. There's a few races next month that I need to take a look at. One thing is for sure, I'm much better preapred this year than I was last year.

I also need to start plannnig our excursions for the Hawaii Cruise. I've already made arrangements for bike rentals in Maui and Kauai

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