Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally got out on the road

Yesterday, I finally had a decent day (where I had the time) to get out for a ride. It was in the upper 40's, and breezy. It sounds like today will be another decent day, with temps about the same. I should be able to get out more this week, but it will be colder. Back to more seasonal temps.

The holdiays are over, and most of the stress is behind me. Now I need to get my diet back in order, and started getting off the winter pounds (racing season will start too soon). On a positive, no Crohn's flareup during the holiday, unlike last year when I was in misery. That means I should get off to a better start.

I did get the Draft out yesterday. I switched out the saddle and post, replacing the stock (and overweight) velo saddle with the Fizik Arionne. I should have made more accurate saddle height adjustments since I did not have the perfect fit. The bike is definelty heavier, but still lighter than I expected. Other improvements are needed, which will probably start with a new wheelset so I can get rid of the 700x28's. The thing that impressed me most is the very thing that ss/fs has appealed to me..the simplicity!

I might flip the wheel and give the fixed gear a try today. Should be interesting!

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