Friday, August 24, 2012

Judgement Day....sad day, but didnt we see this coming

Lance Armstrong's "giving up the fight" is an admission of  "I ef'd up. Busted. Guilty as charged" 

He has been given many opportunities to come clean. But all we heard was " I was never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs"  (Yup, it was never " I have never taken drugs", it was "I've never tested positive" which is not exactly true). He had his legal team trying to call in all favors owed him and get his war wagons in a circle. Reportedly, Livestrong funds and influence have been used to defend his fight.

His ego (which is larger than the state of Texas) and his arrogance will be his legacy, which means he probably will run for Governor of Texas.. and be elected! 

He will always be known as a fraud, a cheat. True, he has given so much to the sport, but so much of the good he has done had been undone

So, when they strip his title, he's the way it would look:

1999: 1. Alex Zulle 
          2. Fernando Escartin 
          3. Laurent Dufaux
2000: 1. Jan Ullrich 
          2. Joseba Beloki 
          3. Christophe Moreau
2001: 1. Jan Ullrich 
          2. Joseba Beloki
          3. Andrei Kivilev
2002:  1. Joseba Beloki 
           2. Raimondas Rumsas
           3. Santiago Botero
2003: 1. Jan Ullrich 
          2. Alexandre Vinokourov
          3. Tyler Hamilton
2004: 1. Andreas Klöden 
          2. Ivan Basso
          3. Jan Ullrich
2005: 1. Ivan Basso 
          2. Jan Ullrich (Francisco Mancebo, by default )
          3. Alexandre Vinokourov

Impressive, right. Look at the names.....all with the exception of Moreau and Kivilev have tested positive, confessed, or implicated in Operaction Peurto

Now, let them pursue Johan Bruyneel who ultimately was the master mind and biggest part of the problem.

Ban him for life.

Close case.

Move on and work on making the sport clean.

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