Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cervo Rosso kit review

My first kit review. I treated myself for my birthday with a Cervo Rosso kit, becoming a member of their Test Team.

I have to admit, I have lusted for Rapha and Assos for a long time, but could not see paying those prices. Rapha Pro Team jersey/bibs goes for about 460, low end Assos about the same.

I got a code for a 15% discount, so I went for it. In the 25 years I have been riding and racing, I never took this type of plunge on a kit, so what the heck.

Online order went smooth. The kit was shipped from Switzerland, and arrived 10 days afterwards.

I was like a kid at Christmas.. had to open. I was super impressed with the quality and the fit. The fit was true to size, I wear medium and it is a perfect fit.


The jersey is made of two different fabrics. The front and the arms are Lycra with a somewhat silky feel. Very lightweight.  The back is polyester with a somewhat open weave. Pockets are nice and deep. no sagging.

The sleeves are long enough and have wide cuffs. Dots of silicon prevent the sleeves from riding up.

Style is what I like, understated.


Same level of perfection as the jersey. Put them on, the feel molded.

Some reviews have claimed the legs were too short, and I did have some concern, but I did not find that to be the case. Leg length is perfect.  As with the jersey sleeves, there are silicon dots to prevent ride up.

I did find the fabric a bit slippery on my saddle, but I have Castelli's (which had been my preference until now) with the same feel.

The chamois is their HG11. I must admit, I have not been on a long ride, but I did find comfortable. Right size, didn't feel underpadded or overpadded.

The quality is incredible. The fit is incredible. The jersey and bibs feel molded just for you.

Add the cut and the style, it's a killer! Italian look, Italian feel.

Yes, a bit pricey, but I do think it is money well spent.

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