Friday, May 21, 2010

Was it the smoking gun?


Floyd was a cheat. No denying that, and I think the majority felt the same. Those who didn’t may have contributed to the Floyd Fairness Fun. Money wasted, they won’t get that back. Which is one of things that makes Floyd a bigger cheat. He knew he was guilty.

So what were his motives over all of the years, and why produce what could be the smoking gun now? Maybe he is looking for a book deal (which I’m sure he will get). I think it comes down to the fact that he knew he was a scapegoat, he was penalized and will not race at the top level again. In the meantime, some of the other cheats have rock star status and are heroes to countless number of people.

Not only was Floyd a cheat, but I think we can agree most of the peloton were cheat.  Sorry to say. I do suspect the names mentioned were cheats, although I will continue to give some of them the benefit of the doubt hoping they are innocent (George, DZ)

I’ve always felt there was a smoking gun out there would implicate others. Is this it? Possibly. The only thing I feel that could keep this from being that smoking gun is what is Floyd’s lack of credibility. He should not have taken money from people who naively believed in him, and he should not have waited this long. And let’s not forget the fraudulent book.

I would like to see Landis provide details on who he was buying from.  It would be at least one positive thing to come from this if those contacts led to more contacts and another big portion of the cycling doping syndicate could be compromised.

To my mind Floyd has made very specific allegations which Armstrong hasn’t very specifically denied.

If Lance had of walked away and let it be at the end of '05, this may have not come up. But he returned, larger than life, larger than cycling. No man is bigger than the sport. If Landis had been the first to talk, it probably would have been dismissed based on his character. But others have spoken, and others will speak..

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