Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to business as usual

Well, it’s back to business as usual at work. Maybe even more so. I’ve been unbelievably busy. At least tomorrow is Friday!

I’ve been on the bike eight days this year, with most of it being in the basement thanks to the crappy weather, which sounds like it will not get better. Freezing rain tomorrow night, single digits next week. Ugh! Thing is, I’ve already gotten in more time than I did the entire month of Jan last year. A definite positive. And I’m getting acclimated to the rollers

Right now, I weight in at 181 which is about the same as last year. I would really like to see the 160’s in April. I’ve been tracking my diet and activities on and after the first few days of not changing my eating habits with the exception of smaller portions and less junk, my diet, at this point, was WAY too much carbs. I’ve since made adjustments, and have decreased that carb count, mainly by giving up my morning bagel  and cream cheese for low fat soy milk and a scoop of whey protein. And I havent had any coffee since last weekend, and that hasnt been as bad as I expected. Instead of coffee, I’ve stuck with decaf green tea.

There is a speedskating open house this weekend at the Chiller. I plan on going out and giving it a try.

While I had hoped to find a spot on a hockey team, the next session starts next week and nothing has come up. I’m not that disappointed (maybe I can do some subs). I figured if it happened, great. If it didnt, well, it wasnt meant to be. I can still do drop ins and stick n pucks.

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