Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lance, it's too late. just go away

So is Lance going to confess to Oprah? I find it hard to believe. I think of people going to Oprah to seek forgiveness, not confess. Regardless of what he does, I'm sure Lance is saying "It's all about me" Forget the people he has lied to, has scammed, and thrown under the bus. Lance has always been the "It's me"' and has shown no mercy in his attempt to destroy the lives of those who have tried to bring the scumbag down. 

ESPN and USA Today are reporting that he plans to confess. Whatever he does, he will probably shed tears and asked for forgiveness (remember Marion Jones). 

He is selfish liar. If he confesses, why now? He's had years to do it. If he had confessed a long time, he could have uprighted the sport and his career. He could have been a model of "doing the right thing". (Example- Robert Millar). A model of decency. But then, that's not in his vocabulary. 

How many times has he denied taking PEDs. Never can I remember him say " I have never taken PED", it was always "I have never tested positive for PEDs". True to a point. He bribed his way out of some positive tests, and had an elaborate mafia like scheme with this teams to beat the others. 

What are his motives now? As I said, he probably thinks "look at all of the good I've done" Somewhere he feels he will benefit or gain, even if its a book or movie deal. 

Yes, he did great thinks for cancer. But don't be mislead by any claims of money going to cancer research. It goes to cancer awareness.  He has hidden behind LIvestrong for years. He has taken "donations" to fly around the world in the name of Livestrong. Seriously? It was a Lance self promotion tour. There are known reports where people have paid to ride with Lance and then see the donations go directly into his pocket. Literally. The cancer survivors who have idolized him have been snubbed. He was paid to come to Pelotonia in 2009 and frustrated so many people by showing his ego, he was not "paid" to come back. (He charged his $200,000 fee, plus and additional $100,000 in services from NetJets)

He has zero credibility and I do wish he would just go away........

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