Friday, March 16, 2012

Email response from local yocal

Promoter sent out postcards advising residents of a race this weekend.

One of the responses:

This is in response to the post card I received that the bike races are going to be passing on the road I live on. I might yell things off my front porch, but it definately won't be cheering any of them on. This road is curvy and hilly and it is dangerous to drive a car on, much less riding a bike. Us people out here in the country live here for a reason, and it is not to watch bike races. I dont know if you realize, BCEO have chosen not to spend our tax dollars to pave our road, but to tar and chip it instead. If someone wipes out on a bike on this road, they are bound to end up in a hospital. People also drive like they are going to a fire around the curves on this road. Just an FYI, people out here hate bicycles on these our roads especially when Whitewater park spent so damn much money to buy up farm ground and put in a bike path just down the road from where this stupid thing is supposed to start! While I appreciate the heads up, I would rather hear that you were doing this somewhere other than on our road.

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