Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another doper busted

I wanted to believe in Contador, but I have to admit, it was hard to believe. So this is no real surprise. He has been indirectly connected to teams and people that have been shown to be dopers.

The vicious circle continues, the vultures are swarming. When can we put this behind us and move forward to a drug free sport.

Cycling has two camps: those that believe Lance doped and those who don't want to believe. The longer you've followed cycling, the greater the chance you think there's something rotten.

I do believe that Lance will go down. I think the whole US Postal / Discovery team, led by Bruyneel, was rotten to the core. There have been too many people associated with that team who have later been proven to be dopers. Someone has a smoking gun. Who has it? I thought it may have been Landis, but with his zero credibility, it wasn't. Someone knows, and it's going to have to be someone who is not afraid to bring Lance, and anyone associtated with Brunell, down

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