Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evolve Yourself!

I’m really excited about this unbelievable opportunity. Read about it and join me!


Evolv Health (EvolvHealth) is “Pre-Enrollment Phase” –  “Pre-Launch” is planned for October 2009.  The Official Evolv Launch and Launch Events are planned for early 2010

About EvolvHealth:  ”More than 15 years of scientific research and development have been invested into EvolvHealth’s proprietary and all-natural Archaea Active™ formula. EvolvHealth’s beverage combines the colorless and flavorless Archaea Active™ formula with natural spring water to combine the health benefits of hydration with increased stamina, energy and endurance.

Additional benefits may include:

* EvolvHealth Helps increase stamina and endurance

* EvolvHealth Helps increase energy levels

* EvolvHealth Helps enhance the absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids,    proteins, and other important nutrients

* EvolvHealth Helps speed fatigue recovery

* EvolvHealth Helps maintain healthy circulation

* EvolvHealth Helps support immune system

* EvolvHealth Helps restore mental alertness from fatigue or drowsiness

* EvolvHealth Helps neutralize harmful toxins

EvolvHealth products are combined with its unique Archaea Active™ proprietary technology and backed by studies and testimonials from world-renowned research centers and everyday people like you.”

Founder and Chairman: Trey White: – 1999 IPO /$10 Billion market cap–Merged with, the world’s largest real estate listings provider; Founder of White Energy, an  ethanol production company; Chairman, EarthQuest: a $500 million Disney-style Theme Park, currently under development; Chairman, TKR Capital, a private equity firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  Chairman of Marlin Atlantis White

CEO: Brent Hicks

Chief Marketing Officer: Jonathan Gilliam

EvolvHealth Master Distributors: Jim Lutes, Charlie Culver

Main Product:  a functional beverage that is a proprietary natural formula  involved which results in the “production of cell signaling molecules that appear in very low concentrations”–increases oxygenation and decreases inflammation.

”What makes EvolvHealth unique is its Archaea Active™ formula, a combination of all-natural ingredients found in every bottle. These ingredients and our proprietary process have been in development for more than fifteen years. Our product has undergone rigorous testing with the University of TX MD Anderson in Houston and independent testing laboratory, FutureCeuticals Research with amazing results.

About The Company

Who’s behind EvolvHealth? When did it come together?

Trey White, founder of EvolvHealth, invested in the original intellectual property company in 2007. The other founders are Chief Executive Officer Brent Hicks and Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Gilliam, both highly experienced executives in the operations, training, marketing and technology. We also have assembled three of the direct sales industry’s top professional network marketers as our trainers and Master Distributors, all of whom have both served in the field and have run their own direct sales businesses.

Why is Evolv launching as a direct selling company?

The years of testing Evolv’s formula have led to a strong word of mouth product offering. People had heard about its benefits from the testers and would often drive hours to the manufacturing facility for a sample. That convinced us that the best way to sell Evolv was through the direct channel — person to person. A retail shelf just can’t deliver the message of Evolv like you can.

Direct selling also dramatically lowers the cost of launching and operating the business and redistributes advertising dollars directly to the hands of its distributors, therefore making Evolv more affordable for everyone.

The Opportunity

Can I really make money with Evolv?

Absolutely! Evolv presents incredible earnings potential, and we’ve made this business extremely turn-key and simple. It is, however, your own business, so you will get out of it what you put in. We have brought on the top industry trainers and mentors in all areas to assist you in building your Evolv business and, as a result, your financial future. They will commence training with our Pre-Launch this fall.

What type of compensation plan will Evolv use to pay its distributors?

Given our potential for explosive growth, we have undertaken extensive research into the best fit for a compensation plan, one that will reward our Distributors handsomely for their efforts as well as set the company up for long-term success.

In the direct sales industry there are several strong plans to choose from. Evolv has chosen a “Binary” compensation plan, time-tested and proven. We know a binary is the best method to maximize return for our Distributors, and we have also added a very exciting twist to provide you with an earnings edge like none in the industry. We will provide you with full details prior to Pre-Launch. We are confident you will be thrilled by Evolv’s carefully considered and innovative comp plan, that creates multiple revenue-generating opportunities to build your business.

Pre-Enrollment & Pre-Launch

What is the Pre-Enrollment period?

Pre-Enrollment is a period of time where potential distributors can secure their position in the organization. As many in the direct sales business understand, a distributor’s success can be enhanced greatly by positioning early in an organization’s development. By enrolling now, you can secure your spot and then add others under you in your organization by referring them to your “” website supplied to you once pre-enrolled. No signups or commissions take place during Pre-Enrollment, just the opportunity for you to pre-build your network for launch.

What is the launch schedule of the company?

  1. Pre-Enrollment Phase is now! – Pre-positioning in the network will be limited to the Pre-Enrollment period which will allow potential distributors to lock in their position in the company genealogy as part of the Founder Club.
  2. “Pre-Launch” is planned for this fall and will extend into early next year. During Pre-Launch distributors will have a ground floor opportunity to begin taking delivery of product and begin building their business before the official Launch Event. Receiving product and generating commissions occur once we are in the Pre-Launch phase.
  3. The Official Evolv Launch and Launch Events are planned for early 2010.

Costs to Join:

Evolvolution compensation plan: hybrid binary: pays up to $50K per week; matching bonuses up to 100%; Fast Start bonuses on first orders up to 25% to 3 generations; coded bonus to infinity.

Pre-enroll here, for free. Time to get involved with this great opportunity.

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