Monday, June 22, 2009

Ohio State Time Trial

Got up early yesterday to drive over to Versailles, OH for the Ohio State Time Trial. Thanks to Roger Bowersock and all the volunteers for a class event. And thanks to the really neat village of Versailles for having us!

I went over hoping for a better ride than I had two weeks ago at Groveport. For me, personally, it was worth the drive.  I finished with in 00:53:15. This was definitely my best time trial effort in more years than I can remember. (24.9 pace)

Nope, I didn't set the course of fire, but I came away pleased in knowing that I gave it all I had, and somewhat pleased with the final result. Though it was not even closed to placing in the Masters 50-54. There were a lot of low 40’s in that group.

I still believe ultimate TT success goes to the the motor and not the machine. And while I may sound bitter and jealous low budget racer, there is no such thing as parity when it comes to time trialing. (OK, I fess..I am jealous. Severance package coming soon..if I can find a job with money coming in…that could be fun money for me to help stimulate the economy of my LBS))

I rode my Fuji Roubaix Pro:


The only changes for me were Mavic Cosmic rims from the late 90’s (not aero), aero bars, skinsuit, and aero helmet. Guestimating I had about 1500 bucks into the total package.

Now put that against bikes that cost twice as much, weight about 3/4 of what mine weighs. Designed to slice thru the wind.Let’s be honest. While it does come down to the motor, how could I really be competitive against machine AND motors like that.

I was proud of what I personally accomplished yesterday. For me, it was a great effort , especially considering I was not a prepared for it as I should have been considering the time that has been available for training the past six weeks. I gave it all I had. That’s all I asked for.

But at the end of the day, it’s frustrating to see that lack of parity that exists. If I hadn't been out of racing so long, I probably wouldn’t feel this way. Although its been just over a year since my non triumphant return, in a way, I still feel like Rip Van Winkle. I’m still in awe of how technology improved while I was asleep.  And how training has evolved from guess work and/or heart rate monitors, to power meters and high tech gadgetry. (Which I will avoid, I dont have time to sit in from of a spreadsheet crunching numbers. I can do that when I go back to work.)

I really appreciate the non-aero division of the Groveport Time Trial. And while I was riding like crap that day, it did level the playing field. And I think it would be great for more promoters to add that category to their time trials. For all of those who are in the same boat as me, or for all of those who may want to compete, but have the attitude of “What’s the use?”

OK, I’m done with my b*tching and will  jump off my soap box. Still, personally, I had a great day yesterday and had a efing blast

On to the Tour of Grandview next weekend. Then looking at the July race calendar.

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